The first large-scale conference on E-Dinar held in Indonesia! (Photo report)

August 13-14, the first large-scale conference on E-Dinar was held in Indonesia. Over 200 participants from all islands of the country have gathered in the congress hall of Utami hotel in Surabaya. Leaders from Russia and Indonesia have orginised the meeting.

On the first day the participants have discussed future plans for the development of the E-Dinar community in Asia, as well as an information about the successful launch of the new decentralized cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin and the influence of the international social movement «CWT» (Change the World Together):

We should note that the second day was entirely dedicated to personal work with leadership groups.

During the conference, the participants had an amazing opportunity to ask a lot of questions to thoroughly explore all features of the E-Dinar system, learn how to use the personal cabinet on p2p platform and register new members. In addition, a separate meeting with the most active leaders from Indonesia was held, where they have discussed future plans for the cryptocurrencie’s development in Indonesia and neighboring countries.

During two-day conference Indonesian participants received a huge store of knowledge, vision for the future of our system and a large amount of motivation. Thst's why they decided to share all these things with you.

Photo report on E-Dinar grand conference is available in the E-Dinar group on Facebook:
Despite the fact that it is difficult to find high-speed Internet in Indonesia to transfer large videos, our leaders have found an opportunity to share one with all participants of the E-Dinar community. Enjoy watching the video report on the E-Dinar event in Surabaya:


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