Report on the preparations for the E-Dinar conference in Indonesia

Dear users of E-Dinar!

We would like to inform you that more and more participants and leaders from different countries around the world are showing their interest to our community! Currently, Indonesia, one of the economically developed countries, is very interested in E-Dinar!

We emphasize that Indonesia is among the five most populated states, including China, India, the US. Moreover, there are a lot of leaders in Indonesia, who, as it turned out, closely cooperate with each other and exchange information on the new promising projects. One of those projects is E-Dinar!

Indonesian leaders have learned a new information on the rapid development of the community, as well as the successful launch of the new decentralized cryptocurrency E-Dinar, from Russian leaders. As a result, within one week organizational and study activities were held in different cities of the country. Noteworthy, the grand event on E-Dinar has been held in Surabaya.

You can check a photo report on the preparations for the large-scale conference with the participation of the members of our community and Indonesian leaders, who have become now our partners in Asia!

The two-day meeting of MLM leaders, Bali, Denpasar (30/07/2016):

E-Dinar meeting in Boyonegoro, Indonesia (08/09/2016)

Seminar on registration and making other transactions by using E-Dinar cryptocurrency, Tangie Resto, Bali (07/08/2016):

E-Dinar seminar in Pasuruan, Indonesia (06/08/2016):

The result of this extensive preparatory work was the first conference which was held in Surabaya where leaders from all over this beautiful Asian country gathered to meet each other, share their experiences and explore all features of our system and financial perspectives of E-Dinar unique cryptocurrency.

We look forward to photo reports on the first conference of E-Dinar in Indonesia from our leaders to immediately share all the details with you!

Stay tuned and wait for the new updates!

Plan for a successful future with E-Dinar!


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